Blog 4- Redefinition

Blog 4 – Redefinition

At the redefinition level, the technology allows for the creation of new tasks, which were previously unthinkable.  This is the idea of doing new things in new ways. In this level children’s ownership is increased. This is the level where technology supports student choice in how they want to demonstrate their learning. Students are deeply engaged and excited about what they are learning, and share it with other people around the world. Redefinition are intended by the teacher to transform lessons.

Examples of Redefinition

1..Original Project/Lesson: Regional Animal Adaptations.

An example of Redefinition can be where students use Skype in the Classroom to meet live with a science museum director to compare/contrast animal adaptations of their region with other animals in other regions of the other States across the country. Prior to the live meeting, they use Google Earth to research various areas and animals of that region to determine what types of adaptations these animals might demonstrate.

2.Original Lesson/Project: Chart paper used to explain the steps of solving a problem

Students can also use various applications such as Explain Everything or the recorder feature in the MimioStudio software to begin creating their own e-portfolio of problem-solving strategies and student math tutorials.

3.Lesson: Art/Painting

One of Redefinition examples is where students work on a traditional drawing/ picture which was drawn using brush, paint, paper into a digital drawing/picture using multiple media to open some interesting possibilities


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